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Capitol Securities Management

At Capitol Securities Management, Our Most Valuable Asset is You.

Founded in 1981, Capitol Securities Management is a privately owned full-service retail brokerage group headquartered in Richmond, Virginia. We trade through Raymond James Financial Services who holds and protects all our assets.

Since our beginning, we have approached financial management with a unique philosophy that places first priority on our financial advisors and clients rather than on shareholders. This unconventional path has enabled our continued expansion, even during the 2008 market crash and ensuing recession. 

In a world where the agendas of shareholders trump the goals of clients and advisors, Capitol Securities Management stands out. More and more financial advisors and their clients want to be part of our team, primarily because we have our priorities straight: We put advisors and clients first. Below is our thoughtful, balanced approach to bringing that claim to life:

The right size.  The financial planning industry has its share of extremes, from individual independents to impersonal giants. Capitol Securities is a welcome balance between client-focused service of the little guys and big-firm products and protection. Our advisors like to call this “the best of both worlds.”

The right investments.  We offer the myriad of products and services that the big firms do, all backed by Pershing and the Bank of New York. The difference is that our advisors are the ones who make decisions that best suit their clients. We have no banking arm, and absolutely no proprietary products to push. None.

The right perspective.  At Capitol Securities, we believe our clients belong to our advisors, rather than to the company per se. That makes our mission simple: to support advisors with the freedom and flexibility to serve each client’s very best interests.

The right people.  Our President, Mark Hamby, personally interviews every advisor candidate to help ensure a supportive, encouraging environment. After all, life is too short to deal with egos.

The right access.  Capitol Securities Management advisors enjoy direct access to executive management. Any time. We put our ringtones where our mouths are — Capitol Securities Management advisors have access to the cell phone numbers of our President, CEO and other top management.

Equally important to understanding our company is to mention a few things we vigorously avoid: an oppressive shareholder agenda, pressure to sell proprietary products (in fact, we have no proprietary products), executive inaccessibility and self-interested people.

Today, CSM has more than 170 investment professionals up and down the east coast, serving approximately 18,000 clients. As we look to the future, we remain dedicated to our advisors, our clients, and the words of our tag line: "A balanced approach to investing, a balanced approach to life."

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