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What's the best part of my job? The opportunity to work with a wide range of people, helping them take control of their financial lives and enjoy the standard of living they’ve earned, free from stress and worry.

Maybe you’re a single professional just beginning to plan your future; a divorcee starting over; a married couple in the sandwich generation; baby boomers trying to determine how and when you can retire; domestic partners trying to protect your assets and each other; or a senior working on downsizing and passing your wealth on to the next generation.

No matter what your situation, I can design a plan that will give you the peace of mind you need so you can focus on your enjoying your life and your loved ones.

dad and son

Here are a few composite examples of the people* I work with:

Like Father, Like Son: At the age of 28, Dale has landed his dream job as a marketing representative for a pharmaceutical company. Not only is he putting his business degree to good use in a challenging and exciting field, but he’s also found a home with a great company—lots of vacation time, a yearly bonus, and a full match on his 401(k). For as long as he can remember, Dale’s dad has been preaching about retirement savings. Dale wants to follow in Dad’s footsteps by taking advantage of his 401(k) and maximizing his savings now. He knows he should also be thinking about things like life insurance, estate planning, and long-term goals, but he doesn’t know where to start. Luckily, Dad has also been preaching about the importance of his trusted financial advisor, so Dale decides to work with me, too. Thanks to Dad’s good example and my professional guidance, Dale’s financial future looks bright.

caught in the middle_jpg

Caught in the Middle: In her mid-forties, Gloria is ready to enjoy the best years of her life; but her life seems to have other plans. Not only are Gloria and her husband, Robert, busy raising their two teenagers, they’re also trying to figure out how to best care for Robert’s mother, who suffers from dementia and is transitioning to a senior living facility. While taking care of everyone else is important, Gloria knows she can’t forget about herself. She needs to ensure that she and Robert are investing enough into their 401(k) to meet their own retirement goals. How can she set a good example for her children, help her mother-in-law, and secure her own financial future? It’s too much for one person to do alone, which is why Gloria decided to work with me. Together, we’ll determine how to best meet the goals she has for herself and her family.

Better Balance

A Better Balance: Audrey and Ricardo have worked hard their entire lives. Now, at the age of 60, they’re ready to retire and enjoy the leisure time they’ve earned. Thanks to Audrey’s career in higher education and Ricardo’s medical practice, they’ve managed to put aside a tidy sum of money in their retirement savings. As retirement approaches, however, they wonder: have they invested enough to maintain their current lifestyle, even after they stop working? Audrey has always wanted to travel, but Ricardo is concerned about their children’s inheritance. To balance their needs with those of their family, they turned to me. As their financial advisor, I’ll help guide them toward choices that honor all areas of their lives.

robes image

From Robes to Riches: Karen broke new ground with a successful career in law at a time when a woman was more likely to be a secretary than a judge. Now, she’s ready to hang up her robes and put on a party dress—retirement is here! To ensure her transition from a life of work to a life of fun goes smoothly, Karen hired me as her financial advisor. With my help, Karen has rolled her company retirement plan assets into an individual IRA, giving her complete control over her financial future. I have also reviewed all of Karen’s insurance and estate planning documents to make sure her needs are met. Now, Karen can enjoy her retirement with a clear conscious, knowing she won’t outlive her money and that her wealth will stay where it belongs—with her family.


Minding His Own Business: In college, Jacob spent his summers self-employed, paying his tuition with the money he made landscaping lawns. Later, he built a successful lawn care business, with clients up and down the Carolina coast. He’s beginning to think about retirement planning but, as a business owner,there are many more angles to consider. What kind of retirement plan is best for his situation? How can he provide ERISA compliant Fiduciary reviews? What about his employees—how can they maximize contributions to their own retirement plans? Jacob never thought a financial advisor could help him figure these things out, but I’ve been able to connect him with professionals who can help while ensuring that his own planning is in place.


A New Beginning: A single mother, Jessica spent the last twenty-five years raising her three boys by herself. It was hard and she struggled, but her sons grew up into fine young men, and she’s proud of what she considers her life’s work. Now Jessica is in her early 50s. The kids are out of the house, and Jessica is ready to start living her own life. She’d like to downsize, sell her home and buy a smaller condo, so she can travel and see a bit of the world. She’s nervous, though—she spent most of her adult life struggling to make ends meet, and she’s terrified of losing the stability she’s worked so hard to establish once she retires from her job as an ER nurse. I’m helping Jessica balance her savings and investments, giving her the ability to begin living a new life, one that is rooted in freedom, fun, and financial independence.


Flying Solo: Lydia and Harold were married for 65 years. When Harold passed away a few years ago, Lydia was heartbroken. She was also worried about her future—Harold had always taken care of her, making sure their needs were met and their financial future was secure.

While Lydia is capable of doing these things herself—she taught high school math for three decades—it felt next to impossible to make decisions and sort through her options while grieving. When I helped Lydia answer Social Security questions, make decisions about company retirement plans, organize investment documents, process life insurance, tackle probate, and retitle assets. Now, she’s living securely with a new financial plan, one she knows would make Harold proud.

*Note: Names and certain details of these composite profiles have been altered to protect the privacy of my clients.

The compilation of client experiences above may not be representative of the experience of other customers nor is it a guarantee of future performance or success